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Ti Spring for '04 Fly?

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Running a Pushed Fox Vanilla RC on my '04 Fly. The spring is a 400x2.5, or 450x2.5, I can't remember and I'm not at home right now. Anyway, I bottom it fairly frequently and I'd like to shave a bit of weight off as well. I'm about 190 or so with full gear, so depending on the weight of the spring, as long as the stroke is right (2.5) I should be good? I'm thinking like a 500x2.5 should do the job?
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Are you sure its a 2.5? I thought they were 2.75s.
Kanter, you are pretty damn close. I posted that from work and was working off my poor, aged and alzhiemer infected brain. When I got home tonight, I took the shock out and measured everything out. Turns out the shock is actually a 2.8. The marking was all dirty and scuffed out making the 8 look like a 5. :rolleyes:

Anyway, here's what the Fox RC looks like off my 04 Fly:

11" eye to eye
Spring is 5 3/8" long
ID = 1.5"
450 x 2.8

So, if I go 500 x 2.75, I *should* be ok. The extra 50lbs should offset the .05" difference. Now the question is, I found a 450 x 2.75 Ti spring on eBay and I'm wondering if it's worth looking into. I'd really like to save a little weight, but I know I could pick up a 500lb spring for ALOT cheaper.
Ti springs save a lot of weight on the Fly since the spring is so big. Ti springs will last a lot longer too. If you have the money, I would say, go for it.
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