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Ti spindle pedals for toe clips ?

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Looking for a lightweight pair of traditional style MTB pedals that can accept toe clips.
Was thinking about a set with titanium spindles, does any company still make such an item ? If I recall correctly many years ago there was a company called Odyssey that made this type of pedal with a Ti axle but their pedals just dont seem to be around anywhere. Any other ideas or suggestions ?
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Boy some people are lazy, took me 10 seconds on ebay... "titanium pedal" and poof...

In any case, wellgo and victor both offer low-profile cage pedals with CrMo spindles that are very very light (about 235-265g/pair) that take toe clips fine.
I should have been more specific, Im looking for pedals something like this type:

The pedal shown is a Steinbach Hakenpedal Titan, they dont seem to be available in the US. There a claimed 192g.
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So... go to ebay and SEARCH for them...
DeeEight said:
So... go to ebay and SEARCH for them...
What do you get out of being such an @$$hole?
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