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Ti fork on a Flight?

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Anyone try a titanium fork on their Redline Monocog Flight? If so what brand & how did it work? Did it flex more than the steel fork and ride better?
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15 years ago, when ti started to really gain in popularity(think Airbourne). The ti forks at the time(very limited selection)were thought to AMPLIFY trail chatter. Sort of like bonging off of rocks. Maybe builder skills have adapted to this effect? If anybody can do one, check out Steve Potts.
I have a Blacksheep Ti fork on my steel Quiring. It works very well at absorbing the trail by flexing forward and backward. Plenty pricey but light and pretty.
Like Duzitall said, Black Sheep. I believe he is the only builder making custom Ti forks. I have one on my Black Sheep Ti frame and it rides great and is very strong. Also, he can make it any way you want, light and flexy or heavier and stronger. Not cheap, but worth it!

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