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Come on out for the Thursday Night Rides with the group out to the FINS and Eastern Trails in Goodyear, AZ EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT @ 6:30 p.m. The group meets at "Harvs" house at 11288 S. Indian Wells Dr. Goodyear, AZ 85338 in Estrella Mountain Ranch.

To get here:

Estrella Parkway into Estrella Mtn. Ranch.

At the first Stop-Light on Elliot, continue on Straight on Estrella Parkway. This is South.

You’ll pass the Starpointe on your right / West, and the North Lake also off to your right / West.

There are 4 Streets Past Elliot Rd.,and all 4 only go Right / West.

We are the 4th Street: Polaris.

1.) Spring
2.) Summit
3.) Copper Ridge
4.) Polaris

Turn Right / West onto Polaris and take it 2 blocks until Polaris “T’s” into S. Indian Wells Dr.

When you’re at the Stop-Sign at the Polaris and S. Indian Wells Dr., you’re looking STRAIGHT A HEAD AT OUR HOUSE!
2-story place, with 3 car-garage, and traditionally Stars and Stripes flying on the garage Flag-Pole (Unless there’s a Packer-Game that day, and then my Green Bay Flag is up!)

11288 S. Indian Wells Dr.
Charge your lights and be here early enough to be “ready-to-roll” at 6:30 pm.

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We may ride the Eastern-Trails this week, vs. FINS.

Time will tell, and we'll decide when everyone is here Thursday Night.


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