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thunk in the drivetrain

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I went for a ride in some nasty conditions a few days ago and now I have a small like thunk in the drivetrain. it happens when you're pedaling slowly and under pressure, like on a climb. ive cleaned all the **** off the drive drain and attempted to locate it but I can't recreate the conditions when I'm not on it. I put a new chain on and tried that but still felt it. The crank is a Shimano M521. anyone ever had this problem or know where to locate it?
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once per pedal/crank revolution or is it more 'random'?
Any gear in particular?
once per revolution in the same spot. and i just took it out on the road, its doing it in all gears when pedaling with pressure. once it gets up to speed and its going on momentum i don't notice it
I believe i have solved it. noticing that I seem to feel it only on the left side I stole some pedals off another bike and put them on. just took it on the road and that seemed to do the trick. makes sense cause the pedals have been with me through 4 bikes and thousands of miles.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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