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I am about to join the C-dale family with a Scalpel w/ a Lefty and was wondering which roof mounted rack would be best. I don't know the tube diameter is so I'm not sure if a BigMouth would fit. Here are the options:

594 - Sidearm
599xtr - Big Mouth Upright
598 - Criterium

I know that there is an adaptor I can by to continue to use my fork mounted rack, but I don't think I want to mess with taking my front wheel off.


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The Big Mouth fits fine, I'm happy with mine and it securely holds a Prophet and a Scalpel. The Side arm is Thule's version of the Sportworks BOB that I heard good things about.

I bought the Big Mouth because I didn't want to mess with an adaptor either.

Tony! I think there should be sticky or put a 'rack your Lefty bike' in the FAQs, this subject comes back quite often...

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Agreed- Big mouth works fine. In fact, on a recent camping expedition, my lovely wife backed under a low tree (w/ one of my bikes on top) Not knowing that she had done so she continued, ripping the bike off the rack and left it dangling in mid air.:eek: Good news is - the bike is fine and the rack is still good as new. I have them on 2 of our vehicles w/ zero problems.:thumbsup:
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