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Three days into 2010, and one White Whale down

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In response to Paul's post here:
I was able to slay one of my White Whales. If I'm looking at Dale's map correctly, this is the eastern most part of Trail 8 (as it comes out of the wash 8B dumps into), that then goes south to AW house.

I don't ride it that often, but every time, the initial climb up the baby heads gets me just before you get to the saddle. I was able to clean it on Sunday. And, as an added bonus, I cleaned the entire 8 to AW house as well (I've made this climb before many times).

I'm not going to attribute it to the 10s, nee, 100s of Christmas cookies I hate over the holiday season, nor the gallons of Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog I downed. No, I'll attribute it to the inaugural ride on the Kona Wah-Wahs my SO got me for Christmas. Those pedals make me ride some much faster/stronger/better/gnarlier/radder.


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When I first read the title, I thought you crashed your bike. ;)
i wholeheartedly applaud the man able to prove that cookies and nog had no ill effects whatsoever on his accomplishments.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

that is what i'm doing here, right?
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