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Three Choices... Need to make decision by tomorrow!

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2011 Trek Marlin GF 29er

2011 Marin Alpine Trail 29er...

2011 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29er...

Any advice or insight will be greatly appreciated!

I pretty much need to make my final decision by tomorrow on which one of these three bikes I am going to purches.

Thank You!
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Purchase. Marlin.
Eeny meenu miny moe

I honestly can't tell from the bikes themselves and I'm not one to judge based on reputation, stereotypes, and generalizations. I'd say the decision is best made on a test ride for initial fit and feel and after-service from the dealer.

In before a bunch of hater trolls say the Trek/GF will crack, the Marlin is not a reputable brand (compared to the other two), say to pick Spec (prob cause Spec makes a $9.9k bike)... also in before someone suggests an online only bike like one from Bikesdirect, Price Point, or Performance Bike...
The Marin is pretty solid. The only thing I didn't care for about it is, it feels like you are sitting over the front tire. I prefer to feel as if I am sitting between the tires.... partially why I am buying a 29er!

I have not had the opportunity to ride the Marlin yet because none of my LBS's carry it!
Also... Does anybody have any recommendations for front susp w/lock out? For the the Specialized?
If your LBS has a Cobia, it should be pretty similar geometry to the Marlin. The Trek/Fisher G2 29er geometry is pretty good. Just make sure that the bike you get fits. At this price point, the difference in spec on all three models is negligible. It's all entry level.

Since you have ridden the Marin and didn't like the way it fealt, go ahead and cross that off of your list.
+1 for G2 29er geo being great.
trek marlin
Marin Pine Mountain???
Honestly, these bikes are all aluminum, so you should cross them all off your list.
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