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climbing up the technical goodness of rattlesnake gulch last night, i thought that a rock had become lodged in the chainstays, as i could hear/feel the tire rubbing. to my dismay, i realized that the fastener in the horst-link on the drive side had backed its way out, leaving my rear triangle somewhat asunder & askew.

since we had done ye ol' marshall mesa/greenbelt/dowdy loopage, i wasn't looking forward to walking my bike out of eldorado canyon back to hwy 93.

a family of 3 happened upon us and asked what was up, so i told them that i had lost an integral bolt and washer that were key to holding the bike together. w/o hesitation they started scouring the trail below for me, and not much later the young daughter held up the washer "is this it?" followed a minute or so later by her mother finding the bolt!

good karma to them, i say... thanks to the kindness of strangers. :thumbsup:

note to self: locktite.
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