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So I am mainly a lurker here in these parts, but I want to check in with the latest addition to the 29er garage.

Over the last two years, I have been more than happy with my Niner single speed SIR9. It has carried my old and slow body regularly through the local rocky, rooty technical trails with pleasure. The SIR9 seems to soak up the worst of what these trails have to offer with the wonderful steel frame and the Reba set at 80mm. This has been the best bike I have owned. It just fits right and worked for my riding style. Now into the third year and the love affair continues.

Having experienced such a revelation I had sold the 26ers (not that there’s anything wrong with it) and picked up a reincarnated Waltworks frame for my wife. She is not an avid rider, but seems to do just fine on a 29er.

Inevitably, there are a few times and some spots where I do wish for some extra gears and a bit more cush. Certainly something that would compliment the single speed hardtail. I jumped on the opportunity to pick up a RIP9 last fall and decided to create a Frankenbike of sorts by going with some unconventional choices including a Lefty fork / Project 321 steering kit and a 1x8 setup with a thumbie shifter.

The inaugural ride was two weekends ago for the RIP9. Overall, I am very pleased with the RIP9 so far. I did not spend much time on my usual trails (since my riding buddy and I decided to search out new single track instead) so I cannot provide a true assessment. But based on some of the rougher terrain that I hit, this ride is fun. Steering seems stiff and precise with the Lefty fork. I thought the rear would feel plusher than it did to match the cushy Lefty Max TPC. The ProPedal is off and I still need to play with settings and pressure to get full travel though. I have a HV can waiting in the wings if I need.

So far the only thing that I would like different is maybe a slightly higher bottom bracket. Over logs and other objects, I seem to bottom easier. I think the suspension compressing has something to do with that.

Props to Jake at Project 321 for his enthusiastic help and input in getting the Lefty hardware set up.

Overall, I think that the RIP9 is a great all around bike. Of course it would be nearly impossible to hit on the perfect setup on the first try, however I think I am close enough that I should be able to get there with some minor tweaking. The hardest decision for me now is which bike to take out for the next ride.


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