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Thoughts please GF hifi2007

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newbie to the better gear and could use some opinions here

I am 6'2" with a longer torso and a 32" inseam if that helps at all.. I realize a 17" is typically small but I am guessing my leg length is closer to someone around 6' or just under... :madman:

This is the description on the bike:

Asking price 900

Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 2007 - 17" full suspension. Bike has not been ridden much, and is in excellent condition. Specs: Has Juicy 5 disc hydro brakes, Fox rear shock that is adjustable and can be locked out, and Manitu front shock which is also adjustable. The crank set is GXP Bontrager. The rims are Bontrager Race Disc tubeless with offset spoke bed. The hubs are Bontrager. The derailers in front are Shimano Deore LX, and the back is Shimano XTR. The handle bars, stem, and seat post are also Bontrager. The tires only have about 20 miles on them and they are also Bontrager.

This all means very little to me at this point.. Please advise me on this or something better!!
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Ok just saw the TIPS on asking for advice..

I am looking for a bike to ride on trail/mountain preferably full suspension but I will mostly be biking in wisconsin so if a hardtail is more appropriate here let me know please.

Also I am a bigger guy at about 250lbs I need to shed a few I know so no advice there please :thumbsup: lol but if that makes any difference there ya go

Lastly, if I could spend 500 and get a quality bike I am all for spending less! But I want something that is suitable for adventure and if a few bucks more gets the job done I am ready to invest up to 1000

Ok that should make this post a little more appropriate thanks!
A 17.5" is going to be too small.

With a longer torso, you will likely want a bigger size instead of smaller. Fisher is one of the good choices for a long torso because they have longer top tubes than some other bikes.
As a fellow Clyde with long torso/short inseam (6'3"/210#) understand well that feeling of being on a frame that just feels too large. Others that do not, will say just get the correct top tube length, and forget about the stand-over height. This may be fine on fire roads, and tame trails, but dismounting when it's steep, or dicey can/will change your mind quickly.

I do ride a 19" Hi-Fi 29er, and it fits really well. Cockpit size can be altered within reason, but the key is not to add too long a stem which puts too much weight over the front. The Hi-Fi evokes many strong hate <--> love opinions on these forums, which I don't care to feed. Have been riding mine hard since '08, and enjoy it.

For the $, w/ little to no use, it appears to be a good deal, and a great way to enter the F/S 29er world w/o dropping big $$. Carefully inspect the carbon seatstays, as they are the weakest link.
Hope this helps,
BTW- The best bike is the one that makes you want to ride it most often.
I'm 5'11" with a 32 inseam and I got fitted for a 19" GF Hifi and I think it fits me perfectly. I rode the 17.5" and it probably would have worked but felt on the cramped side for sure. At your size, I think it's too small of a frame for you. If you can ride it, do so and confirm this for yourself. The price sounds right but the frame size doesn't IMO.

Good luck!
I am 6'1" and ride a large hifi, that med. will be a little too small and the price may be a little high unless it is perfect. There has been some reports of the hifi's breaking the frames and swingarms also.
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