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Bandit 29 FTW!!!
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Feeling a little restless and thinking about trying something different.

I'm wanting to see if a 650b would be a better all around bike for the type of riding that I do.

My history:

Started off with a 26" Stumpy 140mm (5-1/2") travel and it has been a great bike. Really fast and maneuverable on flowy trails but able to handle 3-4' drop-offs with ease.

End of 2012 I drank the 29er Kool-aid and went all-in with a Bandit 29 140mm (5") travel. Also has been a fun bike but for different reasons. This bike is like a monster truck and plows through terrain. It takes a little more work and proper technique to make it ride smooth on the trails. Because I'm short (5'-7") this bike is a little less playful. Still, I'm not a real aggressive rider but like speed. Not to mention that the bigger wheels seem to pick up speed with lesser effort.

Today...finding myself curious about the 650b wheel size and wondering if it would be the one bike, a quiver killer if you will, to replace all the others. Unfortunately fit, form and function are things that can only be decided by myself. Carbon is not a requirement for me so I think that opens up a lot more options.

I've seen several SC Bronson's and like the way they look. Also could see myself in a 5010. Like the Mojo HDR too and hope I can find one to test ride. Since I'm in the beginning of my search I'm sure I'll find other bikes that need to be looked at.

Being a Transition bike owner I'm already a little biased but don't want to be blindly loyal and miss out. Does anyone here have any time in the saddle of the Bandit 27.5 and if so, how does it compare to other bikes you've ridden. I did notice that the Bandit has the shortest chain stay of any of the bikes I've seen thus far. However the SC bikes have a shorter wheel base and that could be a better fit for my smaller frame.
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