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Looking to lighten the load from my stock Axis Elite wheelset (~1880g as weighed on my scale) on my new Specialized Diverge comp E5. Was fully set on aluminum wheels but these caught my eye at 1610g and 24mm ID I think, + DT 370 hubs. Just don't want a harsh wheelset to go with my aluminum frame and for that reason I was pretty sold on alloy wheels (from Hunt Wheels most likely) but these look like a pretty good deal...if they ride nice and not choppy/harsh then that is what I'm after. This bike will see plenty of gravel and other non-paved surfaces, plus tarmac of course. I am not anti CF for wheels, although I've never owned a set. But I do know that some ride much harsher than others. Railing turns and keeping a line at high speed is not really a consideration for me on this bike. However compliance definitely is. With aluminum I pretty much know what I'm getting so that's kind of my comfort zone.

Me:. 195lbs, live and ride in Phoenix so no buff Midwest dirt trails for me, everything off-road has rocks or at the minimum crushed granite over hard pack and is rutty and bumpy to some degree.

...tldr: I'm wondering if these wheels lean towards compliant or harsh on the CF spectrum.
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