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Thoughts…Fox Speedframe Pro vs Specialized Ambush

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I think I narrowed my search down to these two helmets. I’m leaning towards the Fox. I am currently using a Specialized Tactic 3 but looking for a little more protection as I am riding more advanced trails and and steeper downhills. Any experience with either of these that may push me one way or another?
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I had a pretty good wipe out this past weekend, about a 3 foot drop resulting in endo and head plant into rocky streambed. Speedframe did its job, sacrificed its life for mine. On impact, the helmet ended up rotating so far forward that the brow of the helmet struck the bridge of my nose, which is bruised but not broken. In any case, only have some minor neck pain, some very minor head pain, but dont remember my head being twisted, so it did its job for both rotation and impact. The top of the helmet was heavily dented in three places due to direct rock impact. I immediately ordered another from Fox when I got home. You might find your selection dicated by size availability - I was hoping for black, but had to get grey, but still worth it to me.
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