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This is actually a two tier question. First, I currently have a Thomson Elite stem in 100mm length with 5 degree rise, attached to it is a Monkylite XC high rise handlebar. The setup seems quite perfect in terms of bodyweight distribution/climbing/descending. I've been starting to ride a fair amount more aggresively and started to doubt the handlebar. At the same time, I appreciate how that little bit of carbon dampens trail vibration. I have been debating getting the X4 stem and the oversize clamp monkeylite XC, the CNT version. I also have been thinking about getting a slightly shorter stem to squeeze that wee bit of extra downhill performance out of the setup, without doing much in terms of sacrificing climbing ability of the bike. The questions are:

Should I worry about braking my current bar if I do up to 3 foot drops, without being particularly smooth about it? Will the oversize clamp bar help alleviate the worries? And then, should I get the 90mm with 0 degree rise or 90mm with 10 degree rise?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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