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Hey gentlemen. Trying to get my 62 year old dad set-up just right.
The 100mm stem is just a little long for his bike.
Been testing a junker stem that's a bit shorter and he likes it.
What we got is a 3 month old Thom_son stem in the color black 5x100mm.
Looking to trade for something shorter and in equally stunning condition.
In black please.
padre AT singlespeed DOT net

Rollin' a fatty
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I wish I could help but dont have anything close to a Thomson, will an used Ritchey Pro 90mm do it.

If not, check ebay. I got a 60mm Titec stem really cheap.

Just remembered, I also have a Control Tech DH stem that took of my kid bike. It has no rise and is less than 60mm long.
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