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Hitching a ride
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Picture this - There's a sliding track down the center of the roof with a mount point for the rear wheel. Standing near the rear bumper, you take the front wheel off and lift the rear tire into this mount and it auto locks. The bike is in a "flat" orientation, not standing up. This is the genius. Then you push forward and it slides down the track toward the front of the car until you're ready to secure the fork. The fork locks into a mount with the handlebars flat in relation to the plane of the roof. There's a third support point, maybe at the steerer, that I haven't quite worked out yet. It's only a one bike mount, but your bike is essentially laying flat on your roof with just enough clearance so the pedal doesn't touch.

More aero, won't hit the garage, low profile, doesn't collect bugs. Thieves can't see what kind of bike it is so they steal another bike instead.

Downside, only one bike.

Thoughts? Verbal abuse?
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