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Chatfield singletrack. Meet at the back left corner of Waterton parking lot. We'll take off from there and go into Chatfield and hit the flowing river singletrack.>We've got about 10 miles of it that works out a nice loop. There is a ton more, it's just all over the place with no real consistency. Been hitting the SS's there this winter for some good miles. Found some nice logs and such back in there.

Anyways, we'll be riding 2 Pugsley's, so if anyone wants to come out and try one out, we can swap bikes. Also the Pugs should pack down any snow that's left and make for a fairly fast trail. Temps should be near 30 by then and sunny, so could be a great riding day. Look for black Nissan truck and Silver Honda Element.

It's really a pretty fun ride.
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