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I had been saving all summer for a 2004 Enduro. I thought that I would get one off of eBay, but as of late, the XL's are few and far between there. While window/floor shopping, I have been happy with the service that I have gotten at my LBS (, who have always answered my stupid questions, and helped with tool and parts selection. I had finally gotten enough money saved up that I decided today would be the day that I put in my order for my beloved Enduro. Earlier, I had been told by the owner that it would take between 3-7 days for an order to come in, depending on which warehouse they had to get the bike from. So when I walked into the bike shop today, I was fully expecting to walk out as the proud new owner of a 2004 Enduro, at least on paper. Sadly, the owner proceeded to tell me that there are no 2004 Enduro's in size XL to be found across the country. Oh the pain. The Agony. He did call his Specialized sales rep, and asked about the 2005 Enduro and since they haven't had the official ok to talk about it yet, just said that if you liked the 2004, you would love the 2005. No other details could be discussed at this time and still have all parties live after the conversation. I guess I will have to be content with being one of the first ones in the Summit City to own a 2005 Enduro.

The owner did tell me that it would have a 5th Element shock, and a Fox fork, but that was pretty much it. He also told me about the Cannondale Prophet, which looks like a pretty sweet ride also. The owner did not expect to get in any 2005 Enduro's till late August/early September.

If anyone else has any details on the new Enduro, please post them here or in one of the earlier threads, even if it is just hearsay. It would be interesting to see how close the scuttle-butt is.
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