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...I've been wanting some different bars for my fixie, decided to try a setup of moustache bars, looks like that should work nicely!

I definitely wanted a wider climbing position and a different forward position, these will give both. With the bullhorn bars my forward position was 99% of the time at the ends of the bars, completely forward, not on top by the stem. This put my wrists at an awkward position. The climbing position was pretty good, but I didn't always feel real stable...not sure if I was too far forward or not.

I have often read that when going to moustache bars a person would want a shorter and taller stem. From eye-balling the new bars verses old, I think I will want to keep the same stem! The climbing position will of course be wider, but also ALREADY farther back. The forward position seems like it will be about the same as where I was before. As far as the drop, it looks real close to what I have now with the bullhorns. Can't wait to give them a try....just gotta acquire a non-aero road brake lever to activate my Ultegra caliper.


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Compared to straight bars you need a shorter stem and compared to drops a taller stem. Yours looks perfect for what you want.

The aero lever will work fine on the mustache bar. Easier to setup than on bullhorns.

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My fixie roadie commuter is Ed Zachary the same!

Black lugged steel roadie/silver steel road stem, but 'el cheapo mustaches bars with the same bend as the Nittos. Works well. I use a DiaCompe 287V lever (just cause I had an extra one) with a Shizmano 105 front brake.

Do need to find a longer stem though.....but I have ridden the current one for almost a year.
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