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This one goes to 11

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My New Year's resolution was to take a picture on each ride.

I pretty much held to this except for four or five times. Sadly I had a bit over 3 months of riding ripped away through the nefarious schemes of others.

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Let me guess. Do you ride a green Turner?
Six Gun Quota

Circlip said:
Let me guess. Do you ride a green Turner?
That post checked off several boxes:
  • Lame-ass Year in review posting
  • Answered the "how many rides/states/countries/continents/planets did you ride last year?" posting
  • Dis-allow attention whoring by not posting pictures of people who didn't include me in their "year/decade/century" in review
  • Answered the "what kind of bike do you ride?" question
  • Answered the "Why do guys always take pictures of their bikes?" question
  • Got to listen to the Ramones
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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