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So I finished a so-so ride today, only about 7 miles, go to Strava to see how I did on two DH segments, and also see that a 2nd local bike shop accepted my invitation to join. They are the real deal for riders, I follow a lot them and they shred, 1/2 of the top ten segment leaders for times in my county are from this shop or affiliated. I'm nothing compared to them, and that's OK. But read on...

They have a Strava leaderboard that I just looked at. Uh...I'm number one? This is impossible. Are they padding down their own numbers just to make a newcomer feel better or something? Or...more realistically, are they making a lot of rides private, and since all of mine are public, I have the most public rides or something? WTF? That must be it, right? I swear these guys are experts, are they just working or something? It's sunny out there GO OUT AND RIDE. Beat my numbers, please! I feel weird being number one, like I don't deserve it, seriously. How is this possible? It's Spring...

This Week's Leaderboard
  • 1/10Your Rank
  • 53.9 miTotal Distance

RankAthleteDistanceRidesLongestAvg. SpeedElev. Gain

Richard Jensen
53.9 mi713.0 mi7.1 mi/h6,632 ft

Deven @
34.3 mi314.0 mi7.5 mi/h3,629 ft

Shig @
25.9 mi212.9 mi7.1 mi/h2,133 ft

Robert K
24.1 mi214.3 mi7.2 mi/h3,284 ft

22.5 mi213.5 mi7.8 mi/h3,331 ft

22.4 mi216.6 mi6.5 mi/h2,095 ft

Jess @
16.2 mi116.2 mi6.5 mi/h1,554 ft

Travis @
14.2 mi114.2 mi6.9 mi/h2,467 ft

donny @
10.0 mi110.0 mi6.6 mi/h1,480 ft

Jared @
9.0 mi19.0 mi7.0 mi/h1,637 ft

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I know a number of pretty high volume/serious riders who only put particularly notable rides on Strava. So they don't strava everything. Also entirely possible that the riders who ride most/fastest are not on the shop's Strava "team" and yeah, privacy settings are going to be a big one.

So, basically, that leaderboard means nothing.

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Check the segment you rode -maybe it didn't record a proper start/end.

I have a PR I'll never beat because Strava says I completed the segment sooner than the course actually stops.

Regardless, probably not wise to walk into the shop touting your awesomeness if you feel you haven't truly earned top rank! They could lay the smack down on you next time. :)

I created a segment last week and was/am KOM since it's hardly been ridden. I should check it today -I may be pushed out of the top 10 by now. LOL

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Sometimes the guys with garmin edge connectivity issues, (i.e. all of them :) ) do a bulk upload at the end of the week or month.

I follow/occasionally ride with some randonneurs who do these 2500km plus data dumps at the end of the month.

I guess it was nice to lead the monthly challenge.... for a while?

And of course the other reason the leader board means nothing.....**cough-ZWIFT-cough**.
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