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...and I'm long-winded. Sorry.

So, I got rid of my Voodoo Sobo (pics over in the WW forum I think). Donkekus really wanted it for a single speed build up so he is now the proud owner. I was originally looking to try a FS again (RM Element or the Supergo SC Superlight copy). However, Ron Lacey at Rose Canyon Cycles/BlackSmith Wheels gave me a great deal on a Moots Smoothie AL. Ron, was great to work with, btw.

I've almost finished building the Smoothie but I REALLY miss my Sobo. So much in fact, the thought of selling the Smoothie (without ever riding it) has crossed my mind. Don't get me wrong, the Smoothie looks great and I've read a lot of positive things about it (and some negative). I just came in from the garage after looking at the Fox AVA shock thinking 'I wasn't bothered by this with my hardtail.'. I can almost understand some of those SS folks now. Almost.

Anyway, is this just crazy talk to want the Sobo back? I did trade in a Racer-X for the Sobo and never looked back....Now I find myself looking back.
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