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This disc brake adapter for non-disk Stumpy FSR?

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Has anyone tried this adapter from The model is the DM-UNI Universal Disc Brake Mount Adapter and clamps over the rear drop-out and is also locked into place by the wheel skewer. It's a whole lot cheaper then the Brake Therapy solution. My rear drop-out looks flat enough to use it.

I'd love to hear of any experience you may have had with this product.
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Have not tryed it but it is making a addaptor sandwich of the dropouts. Looks as if you will have to remove the whole skewer to remove the wheel. :idea: Get a real addaptor from BT. :)
I'm gonna guinea pig this one.

Yep, it's a drop-out sandwich alright. Looks like it might be pretty strong though and I don't really mind having to remove the skewer to get the rear wheel off. The only time it comes off is when I get the rare flat (run slime tubes here in goathead country so not many flats) or when I do maint. (also hopelessly rare). They offer a 30 money back trial period so what the hell. I'll be the guinea pig and see how it goes. I'll report back next week somtime.

In the meantime if anybody has any experience with this thingy please let me know.
I've run the Amoeba version (same thing) on a horizontal mount - in this case you had to loosen the adapter and remove it with the wheel. Never had it on a true dropout.

The adapter worked fine, but you could get it to shift (rotate) if you held the brakes and yanked the bike backwards.

I've use the Brake Therapy Adapter, The Woodman, and the AtomLab versions. The BT adapter is the nicest, and the Woodman is right up there, but both require special or modified hubs. The DiscBrakeAdapter version works with most hubs as is, but does not fit all frames, and was not as stable as the BT or Woodman (but it was fine). The AtomLab version required you to shorten the axle ~2mm (or bend the frame) and had a tendancy to rotate, which can be cured by adding a torque arm.
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Specialized used to make a disk adaptor specifically for the FSR's which worked great.
It was known as the "shark fin" disk brake adaptor. Try a dealer to see if they're still listed in the catalog.
Specialized adapter

Funny you should mention that. I just got ahold of the Specialized "Shark Fin" FSR brake adapter. To bad I already ordered the other one too, but I can send it on back if the shark fin works well. Thanks for the reply. My Avid BB-7s should be here early next week, along with a used Talas, so once all is installed I'll post a photo for anyone who is considering this brake mod.
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