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This bike looks like a good deal. Would you ride it? (Specialized-Norco)

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I've been watching EBay for awhile now looking for a good deal on a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR ... not many to be had. So I'm doing some research on the FSR/Horst type suspension (google) and run across this mention of a Canadian bike maker named "Norco". Some page says that they've licensed Specialized's technology into their bikes.

So here's the deal ... Norco makes an XC model named Fireball that looks similar in design to a Specialized Stumpy FSR. Nice parts spec including Fox ProPedal rear shock, Marzocchi MX Comp/ETA fork, Hayes HFX Comp hydraulics, Truvativ Team Stylo cranks .. and look at these wheels (look like copies of Rolf Dolomites):Alex Vectra T2D. Here's a link to the bike: Norco Fireball. I found out the bike weighs about 29 lbs.

Norco MSRPs the bike at about $2500 US. A bike shop in Ontario is running an EBay auction at $1,350 "buy it now". A similarly spec'd Specialized would probably be $2000. I've contacted other EBay buyers of the same bike from the same shop and they all say "no problem, nice bike". Anyone seen/ridden one of these or have experience with Norco? By the way, there are 6 reviews on MTBR for the 2003 model ... with one guy saying he didn't like it because he "sheared off the rear pivot and bent the rear axle". Other than that, they were favorable reviews.


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