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This also made me laugh... for hours

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FoShizzle's blog, the biggest nest of sarcasm, smart-ass comments and funny insults in the web.

Be sure to check the comments on the posts, that's where the heavy stuff lies.

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Little teaser:

Now that the semi-courageous among the *******tery-laden Homer crowd have found a pair of temporary testicles and have ventured into posting here, I thought I'd salute them with a quick encyclopaedic review of the essential elements of Homerdom. So here's what it takes to be a true Homer... the Rule of Tens:

1) Annual MTB budget = $10,000 or more

2) Annual MTB riding time (actual on-bike riding) = 10 hours or less

3) Annual MTBR posting time = 10 hours per day

4) Number of times praying to TsJesus, per day = 10

5) Number of times people around the InterWebTubez humiliate the average Homer, per hour = 10

6) Number of times per day a Homer wishes he was David Turner = 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10 times 10

7) Number of complete bikes a Homer will buy from Chad Devall = 10

8) Number of different tires a Homer will try on his Homer-Rig = 10

9) Actual number of linear feet ridden on a given tire, on a Homer-Rig = 10

10) Number of anonymous handles created by jealous Homers (per capita) in order to post weak-sauce attempts at drive-by putdowns here at FoBlorgistan = 10
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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