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Thinking of Moving to Austin

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I'm considering a move to Austin, TX. Somebody help me decide whether or not this is a pro or a con in the mountain biking column

A little background... I am an XC rider who spent 6 years riding trails in the Atlanta area and in the N.GA mountains as much as possible (Ellijay and the likes). I've been living the last 3 years in Boston and frequent places like Middlesex Fells, Lynn Woods, Vietnam, Blue Hills... (ok, ok, I don't frequent them now that I have two kids, but I get out there from time-to-time).

Anybody know these places that can give me a good perspective of how the riding in and around Austin compares?
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Been checking out some youtube videos and I can say that I am pleased with what I'm seeing!
Don't know those areas enough to compare, but you won't be disappointed in the options you'll find in Austin and the surrounding areas. Maybe a bit rockier than what you are used to, but you'll adapt. Texas is a big state so we have nearly every type of riding you can imagine somewhere in our borders.

Check out the map...plenty of options.
Austin is a fun place to live and it is fairly centrally located in the state so if you get bored:eek: with the local trails you will not be far from new fun. Depending on the ages of your two kids, research which schools are best suited for you and your up-n-coming mtbrs.
Welcome to Texas.
I moved from Roswell almost 6 years ago, I was riding Bull Mtn and the north GA mountains... Austin is a great town and has plenty of riding in town, and good options out of town.

After nearly 6 years, I still miss big trees, creek crossings, and logs to jump over.... we have mainly rocks and ledges to deal with.

Austin is a cool city...
More or less what Bob said. I lived in ATL for eight years and rode Sope Creek, Sixes Road exit on 575, Yellow River, the horse park, around Ellijay, etc. Austin has technical trails like around GA but without the elevation or slick red clay. We DO have slick limestone when it's wet and almost 365 day a year riding.

Don't think you'll be moving away from pollen, either. Central Texas is a bane to people with allergies.

Thanks for all the info. Seems like it's a good place to live and ride!!
Spent 11 years in Austin and go back monthly to see the In-Laws, the kids like to see the grandparents. Moved to Houston nearly 2.5 years ago for my work but I make sure my bike is with me when we go back to visit! Great town and Great people and an abundance of trails in and around the area.
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