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Thinking of buying new Bikes

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What do you think of these models. I am not expereinced enough to understand the specs We are looking for a few good strong bikes that will last us awhile. We were thinking of paying abit extra so that in six months or a year we dont say I wish I had bought that instead! What do you think?
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I don't specifically know anything about Cube bikes, but the specs on those that you linked look pretty good to me. The most important part is that the shop you go to is knowledgeable and not shady, and I've heard GREAT things about Chain Reaction...even here in the States. Apparently their customer service is top notch.

Most any bike in the dollar (pound? lol) range you're looking at are going to be pretty comparable, so you and your group really just needs to focus on what's right for each of you. For instance, your daughter might be more comfortable on a women's specific bike (or not). I'm sure, from what I hear, that the people at that shop will get each of you on the right bike for you. :)
which one do you think or are they over the top. just dont want to make two mistakes and go for a lesser spec and then regret it when we get more experience. I was thinking they mite be cheaper in the long run??? My daughter is happy with her bike. she is 14 at the growing age and could all of a sudden out grow a dear bike so she is happy to wait.
The team, of course, is the nicer bike, but the differences aren't so great that it will really make a difference. The Pro has great components, too. Actually, the only real differences I see are the forks and the brakes, and at that, not huge differences. Both good bikes. I would venture to say that you wouldn't go wrong with either one of them as they're both a few steps up from the Hardrock. :)

Here's a rule of thumb with mountain bikes: always buy the best you can afford at that time. It will keep upgradeitis away for a while, but there is always going to be something bigger, better, and cooler, so you'll want to upgrade something at some point, no matter what. It's just mountain biker nature. :p Also, parts are all upgradeable, so if you break something, or just decide you don't like it, you can always replace it. :)
Thanks Suzy, Think I will go shopping tomorrow morning and hopfully out in the evening for a test ride:thumbsup:
Good luck and have fun! :)
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