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Thinking of Banff for MTB vacation.

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Sadly I just fried my back and we have to cancel our Tucson MTB trip. We need to reschedule using Alaska Airlines and Banff is in our budget range. Is their alot of techy singletrack and maybe even a little downhill around to make it worth our while?

I have always wanted to see the national park, but, we always try to ride bikes on vacation now. We would be coming in August.

Thanks for any information.
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There's not all that much right in Banff National Park, but a a whole bunch between Banff and east to the Canmore Nordic Centre and all the way to Kananaskis and Bragg Creek, you have everything that the east slopes of the Rockies can offer. 4 hour/40 mile epics and trails above the tree line, leg killing climbs, bears, etc.

I noticed the park was limited, but, I was thinking of riding a couple days, check out the park, ride a little more, lather rinse repeat.

Sounds like it would be pretty darn cool and the Banff Bike Park looks like added fun. Thanks for the links.
lake minniwanka is a great day ride, 25 KM, on way, all single track.

both morrane lake, and ross lake trails in lake louise are empty and fun riding. views are hard to beat.

lots in K country. check out the transrockies route.
also in canmore = 24 hours in august too.

Those all sound great.

Singletrack check
Uncrowded check
Great views check
Banff has thousands of kilometers of trails... most of them off limits to mountain biking.

Within the park, the Lake Minnewanka ride, as mentioned, is recommended. The majority of the trails open to riding are in Kananaskis Country, about half way between Calgary and the townsite of Banff. If you search Kananaskis in the forums, you will come up with many many threads discussing various rides. The scenary in Kananaskis is more spectacular, in my opinion, than Banff in any case.

Before you come up, get your hands on a copy of Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies. It's the 'Bible' of mountain bike trails for these parts. You can order it from Amazon
Canmore (just outside of banff has some really good trails). You might also want to consider Jasper. It's about 300km north Banff, less touristy, less crowded and really good mountain bike trails.
Classic rid in the area

One trail in he area that you definitely don't want to miss is the jumpingpound ridge/cox hill trail. It will take you a full day to ride and is a legbuster, but in my opinion it ranks up there in epics with the 7 summits in Rossland and Porc Rim.

The Canmore Nordic center has some nice flowy and tight in spots singletracks, but it doesn't take too long to explore the most technical parts. It would make for a perfect ''recovery day'' in the middle of your trip!
For what you are describing Stoney Squaw is exactly what you are looking for. Its starts up at the Norquay parking lot, climbs for a while and then a big decent back to the highway.

You are also about 1 1/2 hours to Golden which has Mount Seven for downhill. There is also Moose Mountain near Bragg Creek that has lots of freeride type stuff.

So you can definately keep yourself amused for a while around here.
Golden's Mt. 7 would certainly have a massive pucker factor. Here's a great video showing someone tackling the upper part on a Chromag freeride hardtail. Note the angle of the trees to the ground to get a sense of the steepness... :D Note how far and fast the bike disappears in the crash at 1:40

This is what that drop in looks like...


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rockyuphill said:
Note how far and fast the bike disappears in the crash at 1:40

This is what that drop in looks like...
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