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Looking for opinions. Just picked up the trek cobia bike and was thinking of getting an extra set of wheels with some schwalbe marithon supremes for road driving and some charity runs. What is the most economic way to get a set of wheels that are at the same level of what I have or better?

I priced out building a set and im around $400, without rubber.
The parts I choose were shimano deore m525 hubs, SRAM pg950 cassette( that's what's on the bike), avid g3 rotors, spokes ( guessing $85 from Peter white cycles), and thinking velocity deep v's. Starting to think of just swapping tires when needed. Lol

Another question, I talked to Peter white and were discussing tire size and he stumped me. I was thinking of running 35's up front and 40 in the rear for a little more comfort on the seat. Long story short he said the wider tire is heavier, which is obvious, but the wider tire has less rolling resistance. I thought that the skinner the tire the faster but more uncomfortable??? If that's the case I'll run a 50 all around. What's the deal with that?

Here is a link to the bikehttp://
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