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I've had an '01 Klein Mantra Race (carbon main tube). It rides ok; I have had the inevitable love-hate relationship with the URT makes for a very nimble bike at times, and then drives me nuts with the forward dive. BUT, gawd does that thing feel FAST, and it climbs very well too. Doesn't make sense i know, but it climbs like my NRS didn' also weighs 24lbs:D

I'm figuring on getting around $700 for the frame and some parts with it, and looking to add maybe some more moola to the pool for a full-sus XC MTB frame that will:
-offer 3-4.5" of rear travel
-handle up to 120 mm front travel
-CLIMB like a goat
-this may sound impractical, but I wonder if its feasible to biuld up a ~115 mm travel XC bike for under 26 lbs?

Parts I'll have to build up the new one: '06 Reba Race, 9 spd XT and XTR (M950 series), kings n' 517s (with ultegra casette), formula B4 gold front brake (but, I think I'll stick with the HFX 9s) hutchinson pythons...thomson and a good ol' light bontrager flatbar.

since going roadie I've gotten a tad unfamiliar with the offerings...
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