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Thinking about going 1x9 - Tech tips

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I have an 09 Scott Aspect 45. I dont ever use 1 up front, and hardly ever use 3. Always in 2 for everything. PLus I could lose a little weight

What is a good conversion for me? Note that I have never done one of these conversions, so list recommended complete kits. Front, rear and chain. etc.

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Get a chainguide, like one of these.

Singlespeed chainring.

Shorter Chainring bolts.

After you have those things, make sure you take out as many chain links as possible.

That'll make your bike 1x. If you want 1x9, you'll need a new rear derailleur, shifter, cassette, and chain(assuming your bike is still stock).
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or I guess I should go 1x8, lol

thanks for the info. I will look at doing this!
I like those MRP components. I need to decide on a front chainring though. hmmmm
I've had good luck with Paul Components Chainkeeper. Light, simple , effective.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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