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DW link = conspiracy against old skool cool riders

  • yes

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • no

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • mtb123 is too dumb to understand that he's that dumb

    Votes: 34 75.6%
  • Alan @ Chumba

    Votes: 5 11.1%
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Yes, I need a Highline or slacked out RFX to ride stuff that the rest of you can ride on hardtails or shorter travel bikes. Yes, I'm straved for attention because I sit around home all day with nothing to do, so I post after I knock back a few--sometimnes way more than that-- and try to feel like a big guy on MTBR. Yes, my bando bros think i'm an idiot and sum of them won't ride with me now because I have been such a tool in real life, not just on MTBR.

Now I'm a gonna go derail another DW thread to save folks from those evil coporate thugs


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Hello, and welcome to the Turner board.

Thank you for taking the time to point out that JN Carpenter has posted multiple times on every thread. In order to gain our revenge, I propose we all put badly-designed stickers on our Turners and send him pictures.

Also, I will need to you add another option to the poll. Anne Hathaway is that option.
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