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Did a solo spin in Rockville Hills park Saturday AM. Its been damp and foggy. Good riding temp. Also made the normal grippy spots a mystery. Will my wheel go where I want or decide to do its own thing?
The conditions were perfect for various other growths to make themselves known along the trail. Just some shots of stuff that caught my eye.

1 - There were whitecaps with some short outriggers in its shadow.
2 - Some twisty singletrack
3 - Barely missed stuffing my hand into this thing when I came off the bike. Looks like some odd growth that puked out from an overhead branch. Yeeech.
4 - Greenery. No snow riding in these parts.
5 - A splash of yellow
6 - Obligatory solo bike shot. Also some fungusamungus
7 - A wee bit closer look
8 - Very cool oak tree that grew a moss coat since the last time I was there.


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Awesome, I ride in Fl. and see aligators, snakes, *****, ect... I had to bunny hop over a yellow rat snake right in the path a month ago. Just missed a box turtle last week. Sorry, couldn't get a pic of that. lol...
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