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Thanks everyone! Andyf is correct, this frame has the 6" rockers on it and even just a stock 5" X5 commands a fork like a Pike and that is the fork I have been pondering on with this frame. If it were later along in the year I think the new 07 RX Lyric would be the first choice.

Im not yet sure how Im going to build it up, still thinking about different ways. A few things that I might use are on the RFX, Formula Puro brakes and the I-9 wheelset then put some real beef on the RFX.

Parts Im planning on:
Thomson post
WTB saddle
XT 2-piece crankset/bottom bracket
XO rear der.
XT front der.
XTR cog set
XO rear shifter pod
XO grip shift for the front
FSA DH 31.8 carbon bars
Thomson X4 70mm stem
CK headset
Some of this stuff is in use on the Turner

The frame is a size 15", top tube is around 22". Im a little concerned about the bottom bracket height being high with a long travel fork. I mounted a Fox Van36 (160mm) and came up with about 14 5/8", but the fork might be a bit big for this frame. I think the frame is as stiff and tough as my RFX so it should be able to take a 160mm travel fork. Has the 5/6" rockers with the 7 7/8" x 2.25" shock. I wouldnt mind a coil shock either, this was the only shock in stock at the time.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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