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Thin saddle with cromo rails

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I want cromo rails to keep the price down, but a thin possibly uncomortable saddle to shed weight. This is actually going on a dirt jumper and my saddle weighs over 700 grams! I would like something that looks like this:

and less than 350 grams!

Any seats to look out for on ebay or something? trying to spend around 20 at most, I know thats a little, but I might just settle for a cheap 315 gram wtb which is 12 bucks. It doesnt have the super thin look like the picture i posted though.
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price point has some great prices on there sette saddles. i had the nyx and loved it! it weighted in at 201g for only $40!
Selle italia SLR saddles are around 130g and are very thin. I have one on my Dirt Jumper and Downhill bike. There are plenty of them on eBay and Craigslist for around $50.
WTB Devo would be ideal. Firm but thin padding, CrMo rails, reasonably priced, and not too bad in the weight (about 220g). I'd stay away from 130 gram Sella Italias and the like. Their various steel alloy rail models in that range are using wonder alloys to bring the weight down, not the strength up.
I would agree with the philosophy that you will do much better getting a good lightweight saddle used for cheap of the interweb.
I've seen the Charge Knife in Ti for as little as $69.00....

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you guys suggesting $50-70 seats should read all of the first post....
WTB Silverado Race SL is $29.99 at Sun & Ski. Have it delivered for free to your local S&S store to save shipping costs. I got one $32.00 total and love it! It's OE but it was in absolute new condition.
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