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Thin durable baggy shorts for commuting?

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I need some baggies that are diff. from the normal huge type with all the pockets.

I need:
Thin, stretch materail
2 hip pockets
Sorta slim fit so they don't flap so much
Removable or no liner

Ideas? Maybe some Patagonia hiking shorts? Thanks.
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Serfas are the shorts you just described, they are great looking, fit is awesome, try to find them onsale they are pricey.
My Humvees seem to match that description perfectly. Only thing is, they're made by Endura in Scotland, so they're euro cut. They run real small. If you're commuting, probably not an issue.
I use Adidas basketball shorts and padded bike underwear that I picked up from REI (
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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