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There's reasons to be late getting home for a ride

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and then there's this!

Kind of like those games you played when you were a kid where you saw a picture and had to guess what just wasn't right in the image?

Well, here you go. There's just one thing wrong with the image that follows. Can anybody guess what it is?

Anybody? Could it maybe be the excessively short rake? How does a 90 degree steerer tube react in the technical sections? I've heard that a steeper steerer is good for an XC bike but isn't this a bit excessive?

Here's a few more a little closer. Pardon the low picture quality but I was taking the photos with my Sony Clie that sports a whopping 1 MegaPixel zero zoom camera!

a close up of Ibis' special Moron tubing.....Anybody know the Tensile and Yield strength of it?

This occurred about 1/8 of a mile from the vehicles at the end of a quick ride in Mission Trails this evening. I was not close enough to witness it although another buddy was with him when it happened. Apparently he blew a corner and plowed into a big pile of immovable earth. Then, POP! The irony is that halfway through the ride Dan's bike was squealing like a stuck pig and Dan looked at me and said "Well, either my frame is cracked or my hub is shot". We actually stopped and determined that the noise was in fact from his rear hub but there may have been some hidden weakness in the head tube region that was ready to go anyway.

Fortunately, other than the fact that there's one less sweet Ibis Mojo in the world, the good Doctor (Dan recently, like last week, received his Doctorate from UCSD) is fine and didn't even crash.

Time to call Castelleno Designs and see if one can score a deal on a new frame…………

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