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There's a staple in my hose...

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I been eyeballing a set of dual control levers ever since a mate bought a GT with them on. Anyway, I decided it was time to dump the magura julies in place of a Shimano Deore LX dual control lever set and calipers. I got them off ebay, and they are totally new. Only hassle is, I look at the shimano hose, and there is a staple sticking thru it (must have been a packaging blooper cuz he has 100% positive feedback). I sent the guy a message but he has not responded.

Assuming that he wont take em back, what are my short term options? My mate said to snip the staple off (leaving part of it in there to plug the hole), and super glue around it to secure it. I told him it was a dumb idea, but we both agreed to post here first for opinions (there's a bet riding on this, and it's about time he got the next round of beers). I know my LBS wont have the cable kit and oil if I need to replace it (they totally suck for parts and service).
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If it was me and the vendor won't take them back (including shipping) I'd source and replace the hose.
Replace the hose... It's like 20 bucks tops, I've seen em for around 10 on ebay. The LBS can order and have it within a week.
Good news. The ebay seller contacted me. He informed me that when he posted the parts, the lady packaging the brakes stapled the parcel before taping it. I am raising this matter with the postal service, and there is a reasonably good chance that the costs of cable and oil will be paid for by them (because they did damage the goods).
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