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then and now...?

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just wondering how the relics of the past compare to today's DH/free ride rigs?

my relic still gets about 8.5inches of rear wheel travel and 7'ish in the front... weighs about 40lbs's...i mean holy heck! it's 8years old but it still takes a licking and keeps on ticking :thumbsup: i want to upgrade to the Rotec RL9. it's geometry specs are pretty close to the '01 straight8...but i can't afford to upgrade yet...:skep:

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Looks like a solid bike for sure. That derailleur looks LONG though.
That bike was one of the cooler designs at the time and still stands out. Looks super clean and at 40 lbs is pretty damn light too.
very nice
i mean how much different are the bikes from about 10 yeas ago compared to the bikes built today? you can put brand new '09 parts on an 8 year old platform, it still weighs about the same as the bikes today, the suspension travel hasn't changed much other then fork internal technology growing as much as it has in the past 10/15years and tubeless tires...
what kind of rear shock are you using my buddy has a straight8 and his rock shox deluxe or whatever it is stock is shot and he has been looking forever for some kind of replacement or and place to repair his shock he has now and no one will do it, not hippy tech or push or any of the guys that do rebuilds that people have suggested
btw very nice looking bike, it looks much better than my buddy's!
does he have the model frame i have or the pull shock style? i have a Fox Vanilla RC rebuilt by P.U.S.H. and haven't had any issues yet! i just need a stiffer spring
its been a while since i have seen his rig as he rides no more, but now that i think about it it is the pull shock which ive heard is why its an oddball.
i loved my pullshock straight8, just sucks because i think that rockshox is the only one available for the frame
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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