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I was being a bit of a impulsive buyer a couple weeks ago on Ebay. Found a deal on some XO shifters, so I plopped the old debit card and they were mine. Installation was a bit tricky as I played with all the adjustments. I'm still learning how I like 'em set up.

The shifting is very positive and accurate; however, I'm not convinced it is over $175 better than the X9 shifters. However, the adjustability of the paddles and shifters on the bar is very nice. It creates a level of ergonomics that the X9 just can't create.

Last, the carbon is a bit cheesy but attractive. It ticked me off the set didn't come with housing for that kind of money. The cable will ball into a frayed mess unless you are careful too. I found that the hard way and had to buy a new cable for the front shifter. The changing of the cable is a pain in the tail.

Overall, despite the stupid expensive cost, the X0 shifters are probably worth it. Maybe.


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X0 Shifters

I absolutely LOVE mine... Never tried the X9 so I cannot compare. But this has been the single most enjoyable upgrade I've done (also one of the most expensive). I got the medium with the carbon cage...
I found setup to be a breeze, but I did take my time and followed instructions to the last "."...

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tazdevl said:
Happy with mine but wish they had gear indicators on them like the XTRs, for that amount of money they should. Hate having to look back at my rear cassette. Sometimes forget what gear I'm in.
Supposedly when Sram was doing final design they asked their sponsorees and they didn't want them.
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