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The Use of pike 454 and poploc experience ?

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I'm looking for any information regrading the use of poploc/adj. on pike 454, :
1. is it worthy the price?
2. what one needs to buy? is it only the remote lever and cable Or the fork needs to be open?
3. the crown on the motion control have place that looks like it can be connect or sumthing..
4. Photo of my Pike

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1. worth depends on how much you need to lock from the bars
2. you will need a spring loaded Motion Control compression unit and the RS lever of your choice (Poploc, Poploc adjust, Pushloc)
3. All of the RS forks that can use poploc have the guide in the crown
thanks for you answer, :thumbsup:
Can you say what is the different between Poploc, Poploc adjust, Pushloc?
and what is the major purpose used of this technology?
can the assemble of new kit be dune at home or one needs to go to bike shop
my ride style is AM, singles & rock gardens .

thanks help!
IIRC, pushloc and poploc basically only allow you to lock/unlock the fork.... the poploc adjust also allows to set the compression in the unlocked position.

Personally, I think the ability to lock the fork at the crown is enough
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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