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.... from the TV show Scrubbs....gotta love it! :thumbsup:

Todd is arguably most known for his high-fives, which randomly occur over time.

'Tis-better-to-have-loved-and-lost-than-never-to-have-loved-at-all Five!
Show-The-Todd-some-love Five!
Get-our-donut-on Five!
Still-can-high-five Five!
I'm-totally-pissed-at-you Five!
Air Five! (For the Big Dog)
Self Five!
Mental Five!
I'll-miss-you Five!
Tough-break Five!
Fist Five!
Euphemism Five!
Betrayal Five!
Inflatable Five!
Miracle Five!
Make-it-stop Five!
Assisted Five!
Sterile Five!
Hard-to-be-black Five!
Face Five! (said whenever he is slapped in the face)
Unfair Five!
Mental-uh-oh Five!
Breast-stroke Five
Double Five! (one for "buns" and another for the "sex" part of "Sussex")
Cyber-Five! (Given after explaining
Betrayal Five! (stealing from Turk)
Entire Coffee Bucks Five!
Fairy Five!


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