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The things some people do to their brakes.

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Beautiful. Crime prevention at its most ingenious.
I woulda cut the lines - then they wouldn't steal my bike to begin with rather than steal it and die trying to get away.
i still dont get it... why r people still using wd40 on or near their brakes... argghhhh!!!!
:D Thats simply hilarious!!!!
"i still dont get it... why r people still using wd40 on or near their brakes... argghhhh!!!!"

Yeah, you missed the point. The guy said that he's sprayed WD40 over the pads deliberately, so that if the bike was stolen it wouldn't have any brakes. It's a little like cutting the brake lines on a car for the same reason. His problem, though, lo and behold, is that now that he wants to use the bike himself, he needs to clean the pads.

I'm fairly sure, I hope!, that it's just a wind-up, but it's a funny one all the same.
Uh...........kinda remiinds me a match to see how much gas is left in the tank.Or.........."I'll let the air out of my tires and no one will steal my bike. Which is faaaaaar better than the wd-40 solution to prevent stolen bikes.
That guy was full of shyt. He accidentally got WD-40 on the brakes, but weakly tried to hide his fcukup by making up the LAMEST excuse ever to "justify" his mistake.

Nice try...but no dice, pal. Stupidity like that deserves losing your bike!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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