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The Sweaty Palm Blues

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I got a new redline monocog recently and found that my hands were aching after only a short ride.

I read a lot of good things about the ESI chunky grips and thought that maybe they would help cushion things a bit. So I got some on my bike and took it for a spin today. I am unfortunately cursed with very sweaty palms and found that these grips are completely worthless when wet(way worse than the stock grips). I felt like I had no control over my bike, and the incredibly tame walking trails around my neighborhood actually started to become a bit scary. So I'm kinda bummed out right now that these grips didn't help at all. Actually just as I was writing this i realized maybe I should be wearing gloves when riding. I'm pretty new to biking, do you think this would help, or would those just get wet and slip also. I'm also considering ergon grips since I hear good things about those. I don't really do any hardcore trails, mostly simple stuff.

I'm also still messing with the fit of the bike, trying to get that right. I'm thinking my current setup has me leaning forward onto the grips too much.

I know some people are thinking "ew sweaty palms are gross", but it's something I have to live with and have no control over. If you don't have sweaty palms consider yourself lucky, you have no idea how embarrassing and difficult it can make things sometimes. :madman:
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Definitely get some gloves, even if you decide to go with Ergons. It's an extra layer of padding and a sweat barrier. My hands sweat like mad and I won't even go on leisure rides with my wife and daughter without gloves.
I wouldn't say I have have a sweaty palm problem, but I ALWAYS wear gloves when riding.
My palms are dry in normal conditions but by the time I'm halfway into a ride, I'm sweating everywhere. I really like riding with gloves, it's a comfort thing mostly but the absorption factor is nice. If I was you I would invest in some gloves soon. If that doesn't work - and I've never heard of a mountain biker doing this - try a chalk bag like a rockclimber would use.

Good luck.
Any particular glove you guys recommend? Is there anything different about bicycle specific gloves? I have some gloves I got a while ago for weight lifting, I guess I will try those first. They are half fingered and have extra padding on the palm for using a barbell. Seems that would be pretty similar to gripping a handlebar.

Edit: These are the ones:
Get gloves. I found that with 3/4 length gloves, my fingers would sweat and run out making things uncomfortable so I switched to full fingered gloves year round. Problem solved.
Definitely get some gloves to ride in. Main use for gloves, is to save your palms when you fall (note I said when and not if because you will fall at some point) and a side benefit is absorbtion of sweat from your palms and most have a terry cloth piece for wipping sweat away from you face/eyes etc.
I too have the sweaty palm problem and bought some gloves.
I got them at REI.... Pearl Izumi (Attacks, I think) for $20.

They work fine for me and keep my hands firmly on the grips.
Very small price to pay to make my ride much more enjoyable.
Gloves are the answer...full fingers are probably the best option. Go to the LBS and try some different ones on. Get something with a nice leather my experience the sweatier they get, the better they grip.
or try the ESI grips! I use them without gloves and they don't slip
nj0ywatch1np0rn said:
or try the ESI grips! I use them without gloves and they don't slip
Did you even read the first post? That's what I'm using and they slip like a mother****er, so I don't know how you can possibly make that claim. They are completely smooth, it's like using racing slicks on a car in the rain.
Have you heard of Drysol? It's an over the counter medication (liquid form) you can get at your local pharmacy which can stop your excessive sweating aka hyperhidrosis.

I just started using it for my forehead as I sweat more than the average person and it can be embarrassing especially in a formal setting. You can buy the dab-on version and apply it on the area you want to stop sweating anywhere on your body overnight while you're asleep. Next morning, just wash it off and you're good to go. Results for me has been great! I read if you apply it everynight for a couple weeks, it will eventually "kill" the sweat glands and you don't have to use it anymore. If thats true, then this method is definitely cheaper solution than having surgery to remove the sweat glands in your hands.

I think its a life changing product for people with hyperhidrosis and you can read more positive reviews by googling Drysol.
Hope this helps you as it did for me. PM me if you have any questions.
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