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Well. I figured I needed to do something to pick me up out of my depression. (Lost mom boxing day)
So I went online and looked at some bikes. And I remembered back in the days I was an active gravity rider.
But I figured a full on DH bike would be overkill for a middle aged slightly tubby "nutjob".
So I landed on an Orbea Rallon M20. Testride over and bike paid I went for what was supposed to be my first ride on a brand new bike. I was simply cruising down towards the town centre and doing some bunnyhops.
Turns out it requires a fair bit more oomph to jump a 160 mm travel Endurobike than a little 26" wheeled HCHT.
So me being me, pulled my back jumping a ditch.
Yep, didn't even get to hit dirt properly before my first "injury". I was laid up a week and a half barely able to stand up straight or actually walk properly.
"Good times" he said sarcastically.

Then on to my first actual proper ride a couple of weeks later.
It had been p*ssing down the days before so slimy and wet. But I'm well versed with the slimy seasons.
So I sent it. Fastest rider down the trails and so forth.
Then overcook some acceleration and lost my back wheel.
I slid along the ground on my arse/hip and slammed into a tree with the right hand pedal first.
So from going race pace to full stop I was still buzzing with adrenaline.
The rider chasing me stopped and asked if I was okay. I was still on my arse in the mud at this time and simply said I was okay and told him I'd meet him at the station.
He rode on. And I stood up. I was standing on a fairly flat rock slab at the time. So I didn't notice anything wrong other than what I thought was some slight bruising underneath my foot.
I got on my bike and rode the remaining few hundred metres down to the rendezvous point and dismounted.
And as luck would have it I stepped on some gravel.
I sh*t you not. I jumped and shrieked. I saw black and white spots. So I called it and went home.
Got it checked up later. Had some small fractures underneath my foot.
Still hurts if I don't think where I step. But I can ride.
So actually mostly good now.

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Turn it down a notch, I think you've learned you cant just jump in and turn it up to 11?
I had three fairly calm runs before turning up the heat. :D
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