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The search for "Dry"

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As I hope to pack up and drive tonight for a ride on Saturday, I'm reminded of something that has been lying just beneath my conscious thought...

I don't choose my rides, but rather it's the weather.

Case in point, I'm debating right now if I'm going to Mohican in Ohio or Brown Co in Indiana, and it'll depend on the trail conditions that I can find out today.

I was under the mistaken impression that I got to choose my rides, but I'm not so sure right now. I have tried to get to Mohican three times this summer, and so far - the first two were rained out. I'm still wondering about this weekend.

It's been this way for a few years, and some trails that drain better are a more likely choice. BUT while the weather doesn't choose when I ride, it inspires my direction. Raining in Indiana? Go to Michigan. Michigan too wet too? Go to Ohio.

Sigh, /rant

Anyone else feel manipulated by these wonderful weather patterns. I was really liking how the rain was on and off Monday to Wednesday, and then dry Thursday through Sunday that was going on locally a few weeks back. Perfect!

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Southern Indiana is humid but the ground is DRY. Ideal trail but oppressive atmospheric conditions
We're ridable here in Fort Wayne. Some hard rain last night, but it was short, the trails should be in good shape. We're riding somewhere tomorrow morning. If Franke is too wet, we'll drive to Winona.

I've been trying to get to Indiana Beach and ride a lap or two at France Park, but the weather on my days off I share with my wife has been conspiring against us. We have a trip to Ashville planned over Labor Day, I'm hoping the weather is in my favor to ride Pisgah and Dupont.
Jmz, I hit up the Founder's Fest in Grand Rapids, Mi along with Yankee Springs on Sat and The Fort on Sunday, sweet weather and dry trails. Where were you?
I'm trying to expand the riding envelope. Got some dirt under the tires in TX earlier this year, and want to get a chance to hit some trails I don't get to very often, if at all.

Did a riding weeekend with sibs a couple of weekends back... did Ft Custer and Brown Co on the same weekend, then was going to take a day off and hit Mohican. Thunderstorms on that day. Even if the trail was rideable, the sibs were not up for the potential of MORE rain up there and the humidity to go with.

I need to get up to Yankee, and check a few other ones up there too, but first gotta train the car that when it points towards Michigan that it DOESN'T HAVE to go to Custer. ;) It's developing a similar habit when pointing South it seems to seek out Brown Co.

Trying for a more extended trip this weekend, Sat morning will tell if it was worth it.

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