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I have numerous scars as a direct result from biking, but these show up the best. I know you guys have them too.

Show it. Talk about it.

This one was from last year when I came up short on a double jump and fractured my clavicle into five pieces:

This one on my knee I initially got when I was five years-old and tried a high-speed skid with the coaster brake. The rear end of the bike fishtailed and I slid across pavement for the first time ever. Since then I've scraped this knee dozens of times, adding scar tissue upon scar tissue:

This one on my shin happened when I lost control descending "Hospital Line" in Grand Junction, CO and dragged my leg across a pointy rock that was sticking out of the ground:

Let's see 'em.

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Nothing surgical like that for me, but a fine tracery of them all up and down my legs. A few have raised up or keloided pretty decently. Not too noticeable until I start getting tan when spring rolls around.

Dislocated and avulsed finger stitched shut. Torn open thumb stitched shut. One biggie on the back of my left arm from a sharp tree branch grabbing and digging in. A couple deep gouges in both shins from some rock hits, from before i learned about any form of armor. Oops. Big one on top of my right foot - commuter bike seatpost broke and dumped me off the back of the bike - my sandal shod foot somehow got into the back wheel and a spoke dug a chunk out. Right knee and thigh have a couple big flat and puckered scars from sliding on gravel. One on the underside of my chin from some stupid urban trialsy stuff years ago, when I could do even less of that stuff than I can now.
A couple small ones on my chest from a frame breaking incident - end of a frame tube gouged there and managed to scar a bit even though I had a 661 dh jacket on. Granted, I had it partially unzipped while heading back towards the lift line. Oops.

I'm actually quite happy having lots of little scars rather than some of the big doozies that are bound to show up in this thread!

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Where do I begin?
Ankle - about 3" long and 1/2" wide, no idea what it's from
lower legs - it's a scar party, from mtn biking for years with clips and straps, being run over by my own bike, catching trees and rocks on my shins, calf scrapes/gouges, etc.
knees - crashed my bike back in high school, took off a 3" wide circle of skin on one knee and a slightly smaller chunk off the other, they've been slowly fading for 20 years
hips - couple gouges on one side because of unintentional partial barspinz
torso - pretty clean, impacts absorbed by flab
elbows - chewed up reasonably well, largely due to dirt not being cleaned out of abrasions
forearms - abrasions and cuts that I constantly pick at form 1" long scars, but they fade quickly
face - no scars, just ugly
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