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The Road to Recovery: Six weeks in a cast

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This year on may 13, I tried to clear a curb with my new clipless Crankbrothers Mallet pedals, and messed up my ankle pretty bad. What I did was stupid and I've learned a lot about the mistakes I made that put me in the cast instead of beating myself up over what happened. After all was said and done, surgery provided me a fixed leg, an 8 inch metal rod, a few (10) screws in my leg, and a brandy new cast. All of this 4 days before a biking trip where I'd get to use my new Giant Rainer for the first time. In less than 12 hours, I went from riding 10 miles a day to traveling less than 10 feet a day, talk about a serious way to destroy your mental well being.

Fast forward to this past thursday (june 22), and I had the orthopedist sawing off my cast. It's been a little sore the past few days moving it again, but it's incredible to be able to walk again. My doctor also told me that riding my bike was ok, as long as I didn't put my foot down too hard. My range of motion is pretty fcked, and it's pretty sore from the first 48 or so of walking again without crutches but it feels awesome to walk again. I rode my bike again for the first time the day the cast came off, and I had a huge grin plasterd on my face the whole time, even though I was just puttering around my yard. Therapy starts this tuesday and the doctor thinks I'll be riding well again (read: fun trails) in about four weeks.

Six weeks ago, though I knew I would, I thought I would never ride my bike again. I couldn't even concieve the idea of doing what I loved every day and it killed me knowing I couldn't ride. Getting hurt is part of mountain biking, so you can't really avoid it. Like death and taxes it's going to happen sooner or later. There's a thread for a guy I've never met, named Francois who was much worse off than I was, and I wish him the best of luck. To anybody else who's recovering or mending bones, I hope you heal up soon. You will ride again one day.

Recovery takes a long time, keep your heads up guys. I'm just so happy to be back on my bike again...
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I get my cast off my arm next week... broke wrist. At least I've been able to ride the stationary bike though.

I hope you continue to progress well!
I've been on crutches 6 weeks, have maybe another 5 to go, then months of PT. Life is full of surprises. As twisted as it may sound, this experience has been mostly good for me.
Still in a walking-boot here. No riding for 5 more weeks at least.
I hear ya
I almost cut off my left thumb with a chainsaw
surgery, etc..
surgeon said 4-6 weeks post surgery (3-4 days after accident) and I would be able to ride
therapist was telling me 8 weeks after my first visit with her (a week after my surgery)


well, last week, a few days before I saw the surgeon I went for my first ride on the mtn bike
I had done a few road rides just to spin the legs and not go f'n bonkers..

god, it was like getting laid after a long time...

I walked a few sections cause the rocks were slippery from rain..

I asked the doc when I saw him about riding, he said "normal mountain biking should be fine, but I see 4-5 mountain bikers a month where normal riding turns to not normal riding"

so... basically. I should be fine, but if I crash bad it could be ugly

Sat evening and it felt GOOD to ride again, even in the heat of the summer
and this evening shall feel good again!
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Two and a half years ago I broke and dislocated my ankle as well....6 weeks in a cast, many, many months of rehab. To be honest, I am still only abou 95% on that leg, and it hurts when it rains. Realistically, though, because of the focused therapy, my muscles and conditioning are better than they ever were. I just went back to clipless pedals about 2 months ago (confidence thing), and so far, so good. Good luck, and yes, 'I feel your pain'
Seems much more common than you'd expect. I'm clipless on the roadie but still
staying with platforms on the MTB. Maybe I'll stay there for a while.

Here's hoping everyone gets off the injured list soon and back to riding!
It has been 5 weeks with a broken radius bone for me. Radial head fracture they call it. My hopefully last doctor appointment is Thursday. Could be riding again this weekend. No rain in the forecast. Come on weekend! The upside is I have had some of the best trainer rides I have ever had. Really good efforts.
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