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Niner RIP9 Setup Thread

RIP9 owners, here's your chance to share your setup and help other riders that are researching sizing and spec'ing of RIP9s. This thread should be used for others to browse frame size, rider height/inseam/weight, riding terrain, and stem/seatpost/bar setups most of all. If you're looking for detailed discussion of travel issues, etc you may want to check the RIP 9 Fine Tuning and Development Thread.

Let's keep this thread clean, with specific questions taken outside via PMs. Feel free to add any extra information, but do your best to keep the same order. And, if possible, try to post a pic taken side-on w/ drivetrain showing. Bonus points for an extra ride shot, especially if taken while airborne :thumbsup:.

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N Central Florida

-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): XC
-Trail location/terrain: N Central Florida, fast singletrack, quarry riding, wheelies in front of house.
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/Medium/Blue
-Rider Weight: 165
-Rider Height/Inseam: 5'10"/32"
-Stem (length/rise): Forte, 85mm, 8 deg negative. 5mm spacer underneath.
-Seatpost: Thomson Straight
-Handlebar: Easton lo-rise carbon
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 130psi, 2 clicks before fastest rebound
-Fork: Reba Race w/ remote poploc
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 100/90 pos/neg. 1/4 before fastest rebound.
-Brake Setup: Old style XT 4 piston hydraulics, 6" rotors.
-Drivetrain Setup: 1x9, SRAM. 32T Salsa non-ramped ring on XT 760 cranks. Custom inner guard and Spot chainguide.
-Tires: Spec Resolution
-Wheels: Bonty RaceLite
-Build Weight: 28.7

-Other 29er bikes owned: Fisher X-Cal, Lenz Leviathan 3", Turner Sultan
-Mileage on RIP9: Not enough!
-Future Changes: Considering a setback post.
-Comments, etc: Fast and highly maneuverable, easy to loft the front end. No doubt this is the right size frame for 5'10". A 100mm stem was too long for me.


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Large Silver with Maverick

-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): XC and AM
-Trail location/terrain: Southwest Colorado, Telluride - rough, steep trails. Maybe Bend, OR and its smoother trails starting in the fall.
-Favorite Trail: Ribcage at Phil's world in Cortez
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/Large/Silver
-Rider Weight: 185 with gear
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'/34"
-Stem (length/rise): Maverick, 70mm, 5mm spacer underneath.
-Seatpost: Gravity Dropper 3" (I like the Speedball more)
-Handlebar: Easton 26" lo-rise carbon
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23, 135psi, fastest rebound (still not fast enough)
-Fork: Maverick DUC 29er, 100 psi, 10 weight oil(7.5 next time and 6nm negative spring)
-Brake Setup: Formula K24, 7" front, 6" rear rotors.
-Drivetrain Setup: 2x9, 30T Salsa pro ring and action tech 20t on RaceFace Turbine cranks with Crank Bros BB, Sram XO rear De and Twist shifters, Spot bash ring.
-Tires: Front Rampage (excellent), rear Ignitor
-Wheels: Mikesee built Maverick wtb Speeddisk front wheel, DT 240s with Stans Flow rear wheel.
-Build Weight: 28 on bathroom scale

-Other 29er bikes owned: Lenz Leviathan 3"(previous)
-Other 26er's: IH MKIII (redundant because of Rip), SC Nomad, IH 7 Point (both current)
-Future Changes: Sintered Formula pads, WTB Weirwolf or Kenda SB rear tire, 28" 31.8 carbon bar, Push service for FoxRP23, New thru axle fork in 08
-Comments, etc: Great steering, great cornering 29er, agile but not twitchy, plush suspension. Too much bike for the smooth trails in Bend, and as set up not quite enough for my tastes on some rougher trails in the Colorado mountains but might be the perfect one bike for someone. With the Maverick fork I do get lots of pedal strikes but it hasn't bothered me much.


Ride 'Til Your Knees Hurt
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-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): Agro-XC
-Trail location/terrain: Arizona, rough and rocky techinical stuff...
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 06/Large/Silver Ano (removed the black plastic washers)
-Rider Weight: 175 w/full gear
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'
-Stem (length/rise): Thomson 110x5 (regular position) w/2 spacers below
-Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece w/WTB Rockit Race saddle
-Handlebar: Sunline - V-One Carbon Handlebar, 25.4mm clamp, 19mm rise, 685mm width, 4 degree upsweep and 7 degree backsweep, Oury grips
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 110psi, 0 clicks before fastest rebound
-Fork: Reba Race set @ 100mm w/King HS
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 110/90 pos/neg. 2-3 turns before fastest rebound.
-Brake Setup: Avid Juicy Carbon, r/185mm, f/185mm
-Drivetrain Setup: SRAM X.0 (w/matchmakers), XTR cranks w/Blackspire rings, Sram X.0 Blackbox Carbon Rear Derailleur, XT front der, 959 pedals
-Tires: GEAX Saguaro (sometimes I run a Rampage up front) w/Bonty tubes + Stan's or Slime added
-Wheels: Silver Chris King ISO, Polished Delgado Disc, DT Competition Black spokes, red allow nipples w/XTR skewers
-Build Weight: Not sure, guessing 28-29 lbs.

-Other 29er bikes owned: Kona UNIT 2-9, Explosif 2-9, One-One Inbred, Lenz Leviathan, Salsa El Mariachi
-Mileage on RIP9: 200-250'ish
-Future Changes: 120mm T/A fork w/King T/A hub, Large can for RP23
-Comments, etc: Fun bike! Reba is holding it back but still lots of fun to ride. The large fits quite nicely @ 6'. Plenty of stand-over for me. With current setup I've hit the lower swing-link on step-up boulders, hopefully a longer fork will take care of that. No major issues with pedal strike but it's pretty rocky here so they do happen.


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RIP9 in Holland

-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): XC / AM
-Trail location/terrain: From Oregon to Holland to Belgium to …..
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/X-Large/Blue
-Rider Weight: 100kg
-Rider Height: 194cm
-Stem (length/rise): Thomson elite, 100mm/10 degree rise.
-Seatpost: Thomson elite
-Saddle: Fizik Gobi Ti
-Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite SL carbon bar
-Headset: Chris King
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 130psi
-Fork: Reba Race
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 130psi (pos) /120psi (neg)
-Brake Setup: Formula Oro Puro 180mm rotor front, 160mm rotor rear
-Drivetrain Setup: 2007 XTR
-Tires: Hutchinson Python 2.1" (also bought some 2.3" Rampages, but haven’t felt the need to use them yet)
-Wheels: Hope pro 2 hubs laced to WTB rims with Hope skewers
-Build Weight: Haven’t got it on the scales yet- need to focus on the rider weight first!

-Other 29er bikes owned: None
-Mileage on RIP9: ~400km over the last month
-Future Changes: Better Fork (2008?), High volume sleeve for RP23 (next week), Cable routing (ASAP)
-Comments, etc: I love this bike!! This is my first 29er (actually, I had never ridden one before I built up this bike), but no doubt about it- I am converted!

But….. I do have a couple of (small) gripes/things I still need to get sorted:
-Cable routing- I agree with the comments from LyNx concerning the cable routing- I don’t know if it is just the XL, but the way the routing is set up means that lovely blue paint job gets trashed pretty quick if you don’t protect it.
-Travel from the RP23- Like quite a few others, it seems as though I am unable to get full travel from the standard RP23, so I have ordered the high volume sleeve. Let’s see if that helps.

p.s. Sorry about the quality of the photos- I have been spending as much time as I can riding the bike, and haven’t focused on getting a nice picture to publish! Will post a shiny photo to the forum shortly.


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All right, since this thread doesn't seem to have taken off can we have it un-stickied :rolleyes:

I think a RIP9 stickied thread with pics and info on builds would be great, but this obviously isn't going to be it :skep:

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I just picked up a bargain RIP9 frame on ebay and am building it up. It's almost done - just waiting on the brakes from Hope.

-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM
-Trail location/terrain: Southern California
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/Medium/Silver
-Rider Weight: 175
-Rider Height/Inseam: 5'10"/31.5"
-Stem (length/rise): Thomson X4 100mm/0 degree
-Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
-Handlebar: Niner Flat Top 9
-Rear Shock: Fox RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): Pending
-Fork: Fox F29 100mm
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): Pending
-Brake Setup: Hope Mono Mini w/ Floating rotors 180 front / 160 rear
-Drivetrain Setup: Shimano XT crankset, Shimano XT front der, SRAM XO rear der
-Tires: WTB Exiwolf 2.3 (will likely change to Maxxis Ignitor 2.1's soon)
-Wheels: Chris King hubs / WTB Laser Disc Trail rims
-Build Weight: 28.5 lbs

-Other 29er bikes owned: Gunnar Ruffian rigid singlespeed
-Mileage on RIP9: Zero
-Future Changes: ? Industry Nine wheelset (I have one one the Gunnar and love them)
-Comments, etc:

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Medium Ano Rip
I9 wheels w/ Arch covered by Kenda Nevs
Reba w/ poploc, ( looking for a bit more travel, prolly WB Fluid 135 but will need new front hub :madman: )
XT cranks with XT front mech, X9 shifters and rear D, Hope Mono Mini 160mm 2 piece rotors, front and rear.
Kings headset, Mary bar, WTB Rocket V ti or Brooks swift, Thomson stem, King headset, Mallet M pedals, Maverick Speedball R post rounds out the rest of the bits.
Suspension set up: 120psi in the rear, 110/90 for the reba, I'm 185 or so geared up. No problem here. She prolly weighs in about 32lbs... just a guess :)

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UK Rip 9

-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM/XC/
-Trail location/terrain: Midlands/Worcestershire, & occ Welsh trail centres, UK.
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/X-Large/Blue
-Rider Weight: 185lbs geared
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6' 2.5"/ 34.5" inseam (long trunk)
-Stem (length/rise): Thomson 70mm, 0 rise
Grips: Ergon GP1
-Seatpost: Thomson set-back 410mm
-Saddle: Fizik Gobi
-Handlebar: Salsa Moto oversize 11 deg sweep, uncut (710mm)
-Pedals: Shimano DX M647
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 125psi, 4 clicks before fastest rebound
-Fork: Reba race. this is a weak link and I have a WB Fluid 135 coming
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 110/100 pos/neg. 1/2 before slowest rebound.
-Brake Setup: Formula Oro K24 200f 180r
-Drivetrain Setup: 3x9, XT 770 cranks, X9 r mech, XT f 11-34
-Cables : XTR
-Tires: Panaracer Fire XC Pro front, Bonty Jones Rear (UK Winter set-up)
-Wheels: Hope ProII Mavic 319's
-Build Weight: Haven't weighed

-Other 29er bikes owned: Niner SIR 9 SS/1x9
-Mileage on RIP9: 600 approx
-Future Changes: WB Fluid 135
-Comments, etc: Fretted about sizing before buying. Spoke to Chris @ Niner and he advised XL. The fit of this bike is superb and combined with the super smooth rolling makes it the best bike I have owned/ridden.


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-Main purpose: AM/XC/Endurance Racing
-Trail location/terrain: Western New York (USA) area, typical northeastern, rocky, rooty, rattle-ur-teeth riding
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/smal/Hi-Ho Silver
-Rider Weight: 190 geared up
-Rider Height/Inseam: 5'8"/ 31.25" inseam
-Stem (length/rise): Maverick stem, 90mm
-Grips: ODI
-Seatpost: Easton carbon, 25mm setback
-Handlebar: Salsa flat
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 130psi, damping middle, ProPedal off
-Fork: Maverick DUC
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 110psi, damping middle, 7w oil
-Brake Setup: Hope Mono Mini's, 160mm rotors
-Drivetrain Setup: 3x9, XTR 760 cranks, XT FD & X-0 RD, SRAM 11-34 cassette
-Tires: Bontrager Jones ACX 29 TLR 2.2
-Wheels: Bontrager Race X-Lite TLR Disc 29, with TLR rimstrips
-Build Weight: 27 lbs. +/- depending on the tires, 27 even w/Jones ACX, tubeless w/Stan's
-Future Changes: Lighter wheelset (I-9, Arch rims), Manitou fork, 2X9 divetrain, lighter crank?
-Comments, etc: I am faster on this bike, period! I went from a Maverick ML7/5 to this and there is no comparison. Handling, comfort, ease of riding, all better with this frame and the bigger wheels. I want to ban all 29er forums so people don't catch on to this better, faster way of covering terrain. I'm hooked, sold whatever you want to call it. I was the NAY-SAYER a year ago, but I just can't describe the ride difference between a 26 and 29 inch wheel.

-Any questions? Goto!


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Endurance Racer RIP

OK, here it is.

Built up light, but durable for epic rides and endurance racing (6 hour solo). Southern WI terrain is mainly ultra-fast, rolling singletrack, short-steep climbs. Maintaining speed over varied terrain is key. My typical rides are 2-6 hours in length.

I'm 36 years old, just under 6', just over a 33 inch inseam, 162 lbs, have long arms and I'm an Aquarius :p . I'm an ex-middle-of-the-pack expert rider who has made the switch to endurance racing. I put about 2/3 of my total miles in on the road bike, 1/3 on the MTB. I race MTB, road, cyclocross.

Prior ride was a Large Santa Cruz Superlight. ProFlex 857 prior to that, and various hardtails prior to that. This is my first 29er.

I was lucky enough to spend considerable time test riding a medium & a large, and in the end the medium just felt better for me. Though I'm at max extension on the seatpost, so if my legs were any longer I'd need a large...or a longer seatpost.

The (current) build:

Atomic Blue RIP medium
Rock Shox Reba Race fork set at 100mm
King Headset
Thomson Masterpiece setback post, 350mm
Race Face Deus XC stem 110mm, -6 deg rise, no spacers
Salsa Moto Pro Moto 25.4mm, 11 deg flat bar, trimmed ~3/4 inch off the ends
Dimension Cork grips
XTR RF shifters
Avid FR-5 levers
Avid BB7 brakes
Full Metal Jacket brake cables
Hope 2pc 160mm rotors
XTR 12-34 cassette
XT Front Derailler
XTR RR GS Rear Derailler
SRAM PC 991 chain
Serfas Dual Density Pro Ti Saddle
XT crank/BB with Race Face 24-36 rings
Crank Bros. Candy Ti pedals
Bonty X Lite TLR wheels/rimstrip/valvestem/skewers
Bonty DryX TLR tires
Stans Goop
Planet Bike computer
Polar Speed Sensor & HRM mount

miles: 1000+
pics: do a search, I've posted a bunch of them around here

Weight is 26-26.8# depending on tire selection. I raced most of the year with a Schwalbe Little Albert rear, Bonty ACX front, and Performance Lunar Lite 26" tubes which made for a very light/fast setup, though I did flat (along with virtually everyone else running tubes) at one extremely rocky race (Blue Mounds, if you're familiar with WI). My pedal of choice has been Time ATAC carbons (339gm) but I just scored a deal on some Crank Bros Candy Ti's (239gm) so I saved a 100gm there. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on the Dry X TLR tires til racing was over. The complete tubeless setup added ~150gm over my tubed setup but despite the weight, it rolls faster and is more reliable. I'll probably swap to an ACX TLR front tire. My only other change may be to go 1x9 with a 36t in front, since I almost never use the 24t in front. I can spin the 36t out, but not long enough to make a difference in a race.

Right now I'm pretty much running 110psi all the way around, with a few minor adjustments depending on terrain. 110psi in the RP23, with no propedal (this bike doesn't need it). 110psi pos in the Reba, maybe just a tad more, and just a tad under 110psi negative. Just a few clicks in of rebound on the shock and the fork, adjusted depending on terrain. No added compression damping on the fork and I don't use lockouts...ever. I'd run a Reba SL but I got a better deal on the Race, go figure. The Reba fork has been great and I don't see any reason to use anything else.

LO :thumbsup:

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Bike with snow covered trees.jpg

I change parts more often than I change underwear. I'll try to keep up with the current list.

Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM
-Trail location/terrain: Los Alamos, NM. Mountains with rocks, rocks and more rocks.
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/XL/Silver
-Rider Weight: 200-210 ride weight depending on number of burritos I ate that day.
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'2"/35"
-Stem (length/rise): Race Face, 90mm, 6 deg pos. no spacers.
-Seatpost: Easton Monkeylite carbon
-Handlebar: Easton hi-rise carbon
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 145psi,
-Fork: WB Fluid 135mm
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): Hmm..forgot.
-Brake Setup: Hayes stroker 7" front, 6" rear.
-Drivetrain Setup: 190mm Profile cranks with replaceable spider. One spider is 20t-30t-BG, the other is 18t-28t-36t using mountain tamer. Shifters and der are X.0
-Tires: WTB Weirwolf 2.55
-Wheels: Kris Holm 32h 38mm wide unicycle rims
-Build Weight: Original build was ~30, now it's more like 33.

-Other 29er bikes owned: none
-Mileage on RIP9: couple thousand so far
-Future Changes: longer stem and Titanico seat
-Comments, etc:The bike climbs like a billy goat. Amazing maching going uphill and quite nice on the way back down...

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-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): Off-Road
-Trail location/terrain: San Diego and trips to Tahoe
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 08/Large/Silver
-Rider Weight: 180
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'1"/33"
-Stem (length/rise): Thomson, 90/0
-Seatpost: Thomson Straight
-Saddle: Flite Classic
-Handlebar: Easton lo-rise carbon
-Rear Shock: RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 120psi, 4 clicks from lowest rebound
-Fork: White Bros Fluid 135
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): Still breaking in and adjusting
-Brake Setup: Avid Ultimate 180F 160R
-Drivetrain Setup: XO Rear Mech, X9 Front Mech, XT Crank/BB, XO Triggers, SRAM Chain
-Tires: Nevegals
-Wheels: Mavic Crossmax, 20mm through-axle front hub
-Pedals: Time ATAC
-Build Weight: ? Rides/feels pretty light

-Other 29er bikes owned: 2002 Canyon Hardtail, 1994 Baracuda Hardtail
-Mileage on RIP9: 70 (had it 4 days so far)
-Future Changes: Nothing planned

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Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): XC/Trail riding
-Trail location/terrain: Canberra, Australia.
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 2007/large/silver
-Rider Weight: 155 lbs or 70kg
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'2"/31"
-Stem (length/rise): 100mm 6 degree rise
-Seatpost: Thomson Elite in-line
-Handlebar: Niner Flat top - considering a Sala Pro Moto Carbon
-Rear Shock: RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 115psi, 4 clicks from full slow. Ride in PP # 1 or 2
-Fork: Fox F29 RLC 100mm
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 85psi, 4 clicks from full slow, 4-5 clicks of compression
-Brake Setup: 2008 XT
-Drivetrain Setup: 2008 XT (running Shadow)
-Tires: Specialized Captain up front, Kenda Small block 8 rear.
-Wheels: WTB Speed Disc laced to WTB Laser lite... want to upgrade to something lighter!
-Build Weight: 12.98 kg, 28.61 pounds - Ultimate scale used.

-Other 29er bikes owned: None
-Mileage on RIP9: 50km
-Future Changes: Lighter wheels- unsure as of yet. 100mm Race Face Dues Stem, Salsa Carbon ProMoto Flat bars 11 degree sweep.
-Comments, etc: First ride with my old risers was average... when I used the wider (cut to 680mm) Niner flat bar- WOW did this bike wake me up. Absolutely love it. Suspension is so plush and handling/speed/fit is so much better than my old bike (large Giant Trance). I love 29ers!

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I change equipment and components a lot, but the basic stuff stays much the same.

Country: Australia.

Main Purpose: All Mountain.

Rider height: 5-4" [Gnome build.]

Rider weight: 165lb.

RIP 9 Frame size: Small.

Colour: Atomic Blue. [Glows in the dark.]

Handlebar: Jeff Jones Titanium H-Bar. [HD]

Gears: Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed internal gearhub with Rohloff twistgrip shifter. Standard Rohloff shifter cables.

Brakes: Avid Juicy 7's Hydraulic front and rear.

Disks: Front: 185mm Avid. Rear: 160mm Rohloff.

Grips: ESI "Chunky" Silicone.

Stem: Ritchey + or - 6 degree... and Thomson 0 degree, both 90mm long.

Headset: Cane Creek Solos and Chris King.

Saddle: Brooks B.17 with Selle style mods, butchered by me.

Seatpost: Maverick Speedball with remote.

Seatpost collar: Salsa Liplock.

Fork: Reba Race, Manitou 120, White Brothers 135.

Rear Shock: Fox RP23 with High Volume Sleeve.

QR: Hope TA and Hope QR's

Wheels: Stans Flow rims, DT Swiss spokes and nips. Kenda Nevegal and Panaracer Rampage tires, 'No Tubes' setup with Stans yellow tape and goop.

Chain: Rohloff.

Chain Tensioner: Rohloff.

Crankset: Shimano XT with single Envy DH chainring, 36 teeth. No bashguard, no jumpstop.

Pedals: Azonic 'A Frame' with large traction pins.

Gearing: 36 x 16 ... Rohloff hub.

Bottle cage: Minoura.

Bike Weight: Varies with equipment, but never below 30lbs, and as heavy as 34lbs.


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-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc):AM, XC/Enduro Racing
-Trail location/terrain: Australia (look at that 3 aussies in a row)
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07 Med silver
-Rider Weight:80kg/176lb
-Rider Height/Inseam: 5' 9" 29" inseam
-Stem (length/rise): Truvativ Team 100mm 5deg
-Headset: Aireal Ev2
-Grips: ODI Ruffian lockon
-Seatpost: Truvativ team
-Saddle:Selle Italia Gel
-Handlebar:Truvativ Team flat bar uncut 650mm
-Pedals: Crank bros candy sl
-Rear Shock: RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 125psi, 4 clicks before fast rebound
-Fork: Reba race w poplok
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 120/110 pos/neg. 1/2 before slowest rebound.
-Brake Setup: 08 Shimano XT
-Drivetrain Setup: 08 Shimano XT shifters and deraileurs (shadow rear), 07 XT cranks 22/32/42, XTR chain and 34/11 cassette
-Cables : XTR
-Tires:Maxxis Ignitors front and rear
-Wheels: Aireal Hubs (local Chris king) Stans ZTR355,DT super comp (36)
-Build Weight: 12.9kg/28.3lb with tubes and bottle cage
-Other 29er bikes owned: Carver 96ers, rigid ss and suspended 3x9
-Mileage on RIP9: 50
-Future Changes: yellow tape and stans conversion when the wheels bed in & a gravity dropper post
-Comments, etc: I think I've finally found the ultimate trail bike


I live to bike
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-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM
-Trail location/terrain: western Virginia/West Virginia/northern Virginia -- rocky singletrack
-Frame Year/Size/Color: Large/Blue
-Rider Weight: 155
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'1"
-Stem (length/rise): 90mm
-Seatpost: SDG I-beam
-Handlebar: Niner FlatTop9
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 105-110 psi, large air can
-Fork: Manitou Minute 29er 120mm
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 110-120psi
-Brake Setup: 08 XT hydros
-Drivetrain Setup: 2x9,22/34/bash; XTR shifters, XT shadow RD. XT Cranks
-Tires: Rampage fr / Conti Mtn King 2.4 rr
-Wheels: Hope Pro IIs laced to NoTubes Arches
-Build Weight: 29.6

-Other 29er bikes owned: Surly Karate Monkey, rigid and ss
-Mileage on RIP9: Not enough!
-Future Changes: none at the moment planned
-Comments, etc: Super fun! great xc/am bike, and handles everything as well as my old 6x6 26er.

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LyNx said:
-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM/XC/Endurance Racing
-Trail location/terrain: Barbados, W.I....Kart tracks, foot paths and anything in between
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/X-Large/Blue
-Rider Weight: 165 nekked/180-185lbs geared up
-Rider Height/Inseam: 6'2"/ 35.25" inseam
-Stem (length/rise): Easton EA30, 120mm/6 degree flipped.
-Grips: ERGON MAG R2 - wouldn't ride any bike without these now
-Seatpost: WTB TXC
-Handlebar: Easton EA30 lo-rise
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 120psi, 4 clicks before fastest rebound
-Fork: Reba SL
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 110/75 pos/neg. 1/2 before slowest rebound.
-Brake Setup: Avid Juicy7's, HOPE rotors
-Drivetrain Setup: 3x9, XT 760 cranks, FD & RD, PG970 cassette.
-Tires: WTB Nanoraptor 2.1"
-Wheels: WTB SpeedDisc AM
-Build Weight: 30lbs according to bathroom scale w/ pedals

-Other 29er bikes owned: NONE, only a GIANT Trance
-Mileage on RIP9: 380+, owned for 3 weeks
-Future Changes: Lighter wheelset, Thomson post and stem.
-Comments, etc: Fast and highly maneuverable, easy to loft the front end. No doubt this is the right size frame for 6'2" person with long arms and legs.120mm stem is right on, perfect advice from a friend to go to the bigger frame (by about 1" from the XL Trance) and stick with the 120mm flipped :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Also, since that photo I've chopped off about 15mm of that extra steerer and switch to a PG970 cassette, since the damn XT cassette was keeping too much noise with the new chain :???: :skep: Also changed the RD gear cable routing to down the down tube and along the rockers, since the way Niner has it for the XL frame it bends and bows too bad :( Think she built up quite nice and the colours work together. Really like the glow in the dark paint, sometimes freaks me out when I am testing out the bike on a night in the yard and just go for a spin, look down and see this glowing thing under me :D

How is this thing standing?

DH Gorilla
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Rider Profile: 6'5" 225lbs - "Retired" BMX and DH racer
-Main purpose (XC, AM, etc): AM/XC
-Trail location/terrain: So Cal - San Juan Trail / El Morro / Aliso
-Frame Year/Size/Color: 07/Large/Blue (The XL felt to big, and I'm 6'5"... then again this is my first "XC" bike, I'm used to BMX and DH bikes)
-Stem (length/rise): Thompson Elite (I think it's either 90 or 100mm)
-Grips: OURY
-Seatpost: Thompson Elite / Layback
-Handlebar: Race Face XC riser
-Rear Shock: Stock RP23 (plan on having it pushed and adding large volume can)
-Rear settings (psi, etc.): 170psi, 4 clicks before fastest rebound
-Fork: Manitou Minute 120 Through Axle -
-Fork settings (psi, etc.): 125psi / compression 2 clicks / full slow rebound
-Brake Setup: Avid Juicy7's
-Drivetrain Setup: 3x9, XT cranks, XT FD, X9 RD, X9 Shifters, SRAM 990
-Tires: Rampage 2.3
-Wheels: Hope Pro II's on Stans Arch / Straight guage spokes / alloy nipples
Pedals: Cany SL's
-Build Weight: about 28-29lbs

-Other 29er bikes owned: NONE
-Mileage on RIP9: about 200 miles now, owned for 6 weeks
-Future Changes: Push shock, might go XO RD just because they are so cool looking
-Comments, etc: So I originally ordered an XL frame, but then got a chance to ride a Large. It just felt perfect to me. Even talking to the guys at Niner, they said I must be the tallest guy on a large. I use the bike for everything from SJT shuttles, to El Morro after work rides. I couldn't be happier. The bike climbs well, it decends well, and I can pretty much flick the thing anywhere it needs to go. I can't imagine a bike gets any better than this for all around trail bike.


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